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Giving the gift of confidence and independence is the greatest gift you could give anyone. Confidence to speak, confidence to try something new, confidence to grow as a person all this can be attained with a little work.


boy2actionDrama Classes for Kids in Cork

Drama classes have a proven track record of improving every facet of self development that can be utilised in all aspects of life.

Here in our school we have a unique approach to the subject of Drama and our growing numbers and many testimonials from former pupils prove that our approach works.

Our classes are aimed at improving the following skills:

Concentration – helping the mind focus.

Listening skills – taking instructions, hearing others and learning to trust your inner voice.

Co – operation – learning to work with, communicate and understand people.


Everything we do in class will help develop these skills.


Recent Drama Displays

Every year the school chooses a theme for our November displays. These themes are Cross curricular and help students in their formal school subjects.

  • 2011 – Murder Most Horrid
  • 2010 – Greek Legends.
  • 2009 – The works of Roald Dahl.
  • 2008 – Mime and the works of Marcel Marceau.
  • 2007 -The works of William Shakespeare.
  • 2006 – Irish History and Legends.


Classes for Under 12’s


Are usually structured as follows:


Through a series of stretches and shakes, the students follow intricate instructions from their teacher. – This helps reduces inhibitions, increases levels of concentration, improves listening skills and always results in great hilarity.


The class follows a simple routine that gives the tongue a maximum workout


Using the long vowel sounds students experiment with different sounds, exercising all the articulators and experiments with inflection, pitch, pace, pause, power and tone


With an array of dynamic and high energy drama exercises the teacher engages the students’ with games that help develop motor skills, concentration, listening and co-operation skills.


Each week the students have the chance to talk about something that is special to them – it can be something as important as an upcoming event or as simple as what they had in their sandwiches!!


During the year the students are always busy getting ready for one of our many performances and showcases. Those involved are dedicated to “THE BIG DAY” this includes script work in groups and pairs, Improvisation, Action verse, Tongue twisters and plays.


We like to finish the lesson with a request from students on what they like doing most. This can include an array of exercises and games that leaves everyone refreshed and energised and ready for the next lesson


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Senior Drama Classes

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