A Fusion of Ballet Barre and Pilates

17 August 2011, Comments: Comments Off on A Fusion of Ballet Barre and Pilates

The hour long class is broken up into small sessions that target different areas of the body. It’s vigorous, and focuses on achieving balance, strength, and flexibility.

You will get lower body, upper body, core conditioning and flexibility/balance training all in one workout.

We use the ballet Barre as a tool and the exercises are based on the foundations of Ballet, think long lean ballet dancers legs!!

The class commences with a workout at the Barre and then to the mat to focus on Pilates finishing with a relaxing wind down.

Be the first to try it out… this is the first class of its kind.

Instructor Orla is a qualified RAD Ballet and Pilates teacher. She has a hands on approach and is a passionate teacher with 14 years teaching experience. 

See our other Pilates course for more information: http://wolfestageschool.com/index.php/pilates/

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