Dance Party

5 June 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Dance Party

By popular demand, the Wolfe Stage School has launched Dance Birthday Parties for children.

Dance Parties for KidsAs a dance teacher and studio owner, I have received many phonecalls from parents wondering whether it is possible for their child’s favourite dance teacher to come to their birthday party and teach their friends some of the dance routines and games that they have learned in class. So over the last 8 years my staff and I have hosted dance birthday parties for many of my students, however in recent times, with more and more families having their children’s birthday parties at home, the demand for our energetic and action packed dance parties has increased. I have decided to put together a dedicated team of dancers who will entertain, teach and “wow” your children and their friends with the latest dance crazes and moves. From Baby Ballerina to Princess Butterflies to Justin Bieber and One Direction, I’m sure we will have a party to impress and satisfy your little popstar.

Create a memory that will last a lifetime with a Wolfe Stage School Dance Birthday Party. We offer fun, energetic and age appropriate dance birthday parties with a perfect balance of dance and games for girls and boys from ages 3 years upwards.

We will come to your location and bring all the necessary music, equipment and materials and you provide the food and drinks.

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