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12 November 2013
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The Wolfe Stage School are taking over The Cork Arts Theatre


A talent explosion is set to hit the stage from Monday 25th of November – December 1st .

The Wolfe Stage School is proud to present an eclectic mix of brilliance, innovation and stagecraft.

The school will perform several stunning productions which will showcase creative talent from the young people of Cork City.


Cork Art Theatre November 2013


The week begins with the unforgettable 20th century classic “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller. This chilling show will run for two nights on Monday 25th and 26th of November @ 8pm. The show is directed by Tess Maguire and features a teenage cast of exceptional talent.

Following hot on its footsteps and in total contrast is a the heart warming seminal classic, “A Christmas Carol ” by Charles Dickens, adapted by Marion Wyatt. This show will run for two nights at the Cork Arts Theatre on Wednesday November 27th and Thursday 28th @ 8pm. Join Scrooge and his players as they remind us all that Christmas can transform even the most bitter of men. Directed By Laura Kennedy this Children’s Theatre project is sure to get you in the festive mood.

From Friday November 29th – December 1st the Students of the Wolfe Stage School will bring to life “Irish Legends” . Join the Wolfe Pack members as they retell these ancient tales in a fresh and hilarious manner. There will be 9 shows to choose from over the course of 3 days.

Friday @ 8pm

Saturday @ 2pm , 4pm, 6pm , 8pm

Sunday @ 2pm , 4pm, 6pm , 8pm

Each performance will be an entertaining jaunt through Irish History and a chance for you to discover the upcoming performers from Ireland’s leading Stage School.

Tickets are now on sale – The event is sure to sell out based on ticket sales or previous events this year – Don’t miss out book today.


As if that’s not enough the School is set to return to The Cork Arts Theatre for another week in January 2014 where the school will debut 7 powerful Dramas written, directed and produced by the outstanding talent within the school.

The Shows will run from January 20th – 27th 2014 .

TICKETS ARE NOT FOR SALE YET . Details to follow shortly

Senior Drama Plays

Sons and Daughters

Everyone has parents, but how you deal with them depends on who you are. When you hit your teenage years your parents drift between being your best friend and you worst enemy. This one act play examines the shifting relationship between parents and students.


Actions have consequences and the choices you make today will define who you are tomorrow.

Follow the story of the class of 2003, discover the reasons behind choices they make and listen to the internal monologues of young people who will be the adults of tomorrow.

Cheer Camp

Highly ambitious and ruthless cheerleaders enlist in a summer camp, where they will do anything to win – cheer leading has never been so outrageous .

London Calling

When a group of rebellious teens are let loose on a school tour in london – anything can and does happen.

Hunger Games

When the Hunger Games movies franchise decides to recast the lead roles the battle of the actors has never been more fierce. Follow the story of Drama Students that will do any thing to get their way.

Breaking Point

Every one has a limit, you can only push people so far. We follow a group of teens and see how far they go before the events of one week lead to their breaking point.

Educating Dunfin

When Liam disappears without warning his friends are left wondering what’s going on, lies, gossip and rumours fill the air – why did he leave? is he all right ? and why hasn’t he called anyone?

We need to talk about Mental Health

Statistics tell us that one in four people will suffer from mental health problems at some stage in their life. However, despite the fact that mental health problems are relatively common, people experiencing them can often find themselves facing stigma and discrimination.



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