Acting for camera

Acting for Camera


The Wolfe Stage School is delighted to announce our new module, Acting for Camera. Starting in September students will have the chance to act in front of the camera and appear on the big screen!

The Drama department is expanding and in addition to our own stage and all the regular stuff you love, your time at our Drama school will now include the use of our state of the art film studio, with chroma key recording capabilities. (CGI)

( That’s the green screen you see in Hollywood and your favourite Tv Shows!)


Members of the Drama school will be trained in many aspects of performing for camera and will be busy writing, directing and lighting their very own scenes, plus we will be recreating scenes from all the movies you love. While acting for camera students will learn and develop both the natural and technical skills required to communicate individual performances on screen.

Perhaps you want to try your hand at reading the news or simply be the action hero in your favourite computer game! – Now you can.

Those interested in TV presenting will be able to learn directly from Declan’s 1st hand experience of working as a Broadcaster with the National TV Station :RTE and other independent TV production Companies.

Students who would like to avail of commercial opportunities will have the option of recording show reels and head shots that are often required in the professional arena.

As always our carefully trained staff will always be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


The course will give students the opportunity to:

  1. Work both one-to one and in small groups.
  2. Learn how to read and interpret a screen-play for television or film.
  3. Develop a believable character on screen.
  4. Write a script for screen and see how it looks from the other side of the camera.
  5. Develop confidence while acting for camera.


More details on this fantastic opportunity will follow soon.