Performances in the Everyman Palace Theatre

In April 2013 we completed our 8th annual pantomime in the Everyman Palace Theatre. These productions give an opportunity to each and every student of the Wolfe Stage School to experience a professional theatre production. Scenery, Sound, Lighting, Stage Management, Costumes and production are areas that are available for our students to experience. A number of past pupils have gone on to pursue careers in these fields after being exposed to them during these performances.

The shows are produced by Declan and Careen Wolfe and written by their brother Aaron Wolfe

2014 – Peter Panto


2013 – Clue?

Wolfe Stage School performances

2012 – The Fairytale of Cork

performances in the Everyman Palace

2011 – The Golden Ticket

Dance, Drama and singing performance

2010 – Cinderella

Cinderella by the Wolfe Stage School

2009 – Peter Pan

Wolfe Stage School performance

2008 – Robin Hood

Dance and Drama in the Everyman Palace

 2007 – Snow White

Snow White Dance and Drama Performance

 2006 – The Fairytale of Cork

First performance in teh Everyman Palace