Product or Process?

14 November 2013
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First and above all Drama should be fun


Here at the Wolfe Stage School we endeavour to get the balance right between providing the students with a platform to be seen in performance and total enjoyment within each class and the creative process.

It is my aspiration that each student looks forward to “drama“, after all the very product we strive to create is called “A play”. As children we all played, we should continue to play as adults and carefully nurture the spirit of fun and adventure that is within us all. In psychology and ethology, play is a range of voluntary, intrinsically motivated activities normally associated with recreational pleasure and enjoyment – that is what I hope our school can represent and help develop in students of any age or ability. Educate, Entertain, Empower – the forefront of our teaching approach.

Drama ClassRecent studies have shown that group activities based on co operation and friendly competition help release the chemical dopamine, the hormone that has been rightly dubbed the happy gene, a hormone that is essential balancing your emotions. I hope students and parents will always describe our school as a happy place that will have positive associations and memories – the very reason I founded the school was because of the immense pleasure and enjoyment I took from drama as a student . I hope anyone who is interested in the creative arts and enrols in our school may reap the same experiences that I myself was lucky enough to uncover.

We have worked the students hard in class over the past number of weeks and tried to hit the right balance between work and play.
Learning lines and rehearsing are boring, I have to admit that . However, without work and study there would be no product for you to watch and access the development in good speech and in confidence that the school helps establish and advance.

Product or Process

The artistic battle between “Product or Process, and which is more beneficial?” rages within the educational & artistic world – Again I believe it is a question of balance.

It is my hope that we are getting the balance right between giving each student the attention they need in class to grow and flourish in a fearless certainty, keeping the atmosphere light and fun, but also having a quality product to display to friends and family. Performances that students can be proud of and enjoy -Your feed back on how we are doing in this area is always welcome. It is my ambition that our up coming displays and performances will give you an insight into how we as teachers and coaches relate to the students and instruct them in class


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